Pixel Poi Logo Revealing

Pixel POI is a programmable one-of- a-kind LED wand which morphs into patterns and designs. These sticks are used skillfully by artists who through their tightly choreographed moves coupled with mystical music build a beautiful crescendo of colors. These acts are generally performed by 2 to 16 artists based on the storyboarding and the patterns that one wishes to hypnotize their audience with.

These magic wands are based on PoV – persistence of vision – principle that allows the artists to paint pictures, logos or custom logos, texts or an array of designs in perfect synchronicity with a high-octane soundtrack, in thin air to bamboozle your audience.

At 3D Mapping India, we assure you and your brand of revealing a futuristic pixel poi act would be power packed with entertainment. These performances where innovation synchronizes with advanced technology are ideal for product launches, logo launches, branding events, feasts, festive, corporate events and large gatherings. And with experience of providing our services to big brands like Rolls Royce, HSBC, Loreal, Hewlett Packard (HP), Skoda, Triumph – just to name a few – we assure you of creating an experience for your audience.

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