Dataton Watchout Projection

The development of screen display started from that small little chatter box called “the television” lying at that corner of the hall, sets in with a smile as we think of those nostalgic memories. The technology of ‘display’ has passed through the lanes of invention epoch & every time bringing in something exciting and advanced into the market.

And again it has boomed the market with a bang with ultramodern & incredible touch of robotics with respect to media display.

We offer this feature of watchout projection from Datatone, Sweden, to you at 3D Mapping India. Our software for multi-display presents a wide variety of application. It can handle multiple projectors or various other display devices like video walls, plasma screens within a computer network. It is scalable for any number of screens at any resolution.

Interesting feature about our technology is that you can mix media, video, graphics or slides in any layout, separate screens or angle screens, with or without overlaps. Each of the media elements remain independent and can be manipulated for quick changes for live interaction. Our technology is compatible with almost all the available media formats. The “Watchout” revolution has been extensively incorporated nowadays in massive events like exhibitions, digital science and creative media shows. To bring out the smart innovation of ‘Display’ for your momentous moment, contact us.

All you need is to contact us.

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